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In partnership with The Way Forward: An Integrated Palliative Approach to Care, the Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) reached out to caregivers of individuals with life-limiting illnesses. Specifically, the CHCA wanted to consult with caregivers across the country to uncover what caregiver supports would be needed to implement an integrated palliative approach to care. The CHCA also sought caregiver feedback on the effectiveness of current supports. The widespread dissemination and uptake of The Way Forward can only be accomplished by recognizing and understanding caregiver needs. If the goal is to continue to provide quality integrated palliative care in the places where patients choose to live, for as long as possible and with as much quality as possible, then the needs of their family caregivers must be addressed.

Care & Work: A Balancing Act - 
Experiences from Health Care Employers and Their Employee Caregivers

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As the number of older Canadian rises, so will the number of individuals who rely of family caregivers to 
support them when they choose to die at home. Recognizing the urgent need for immediate actions, the Canadian Home Care Association – in partnership with The Way Forward – felt it was critical to gain a better understanding of the impact of family caregiving on Canadians’ work and life balance. Specifically, the focus concentrated on the home care sector, as family caregivers are a critical part of all home care services and are often the difference between an individual dying at home or in hospital. For home care service providers, challenge of helping employees to achieve balance between their family caregiving responsibilities and work will only increase over time. To identify strategies and approaches that support working caregivers, the CHCA recognized the need to consult caregiver‐friendly organizations and understand their journey in providing a supportive workplace environment for their own employees.


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